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The representation of the condominiums offered to buyers on this website may vary depending on the evolution of sales. To find out about the availability of a unit, please contact us to schedule an appointment by email or telephone (418-808-8828).

Prices and plans are subject to change without notice.


As the real estate project is located on a former commercial hotel site, the co-ownership agreement of the Céleste project allows for legal short-term rentals of condominiums. However, no rental service is being offered or planned by the developers. Owners will have the freedom to choose a unit without being obliged in any way to rent their condominium.

In assessing their business risk, the buyers’ investment decision should not in any way be based on a perspective of income. The developers of Céleste Condos clearly offer buyers the possibility of purchasing a condominium for the purpose of using it as a residence and not with the goal that it should be rented and that it should generate income.